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9 Jaw-Dropping Headline Writing Tips To Boost Your Click Through Rate (That You Can Use Now!)

headline writing tips

A question:

Is your post not getting the deserved clicks?


Despite writing a yummy copy, it fails to perform?

The catch could be…


A dull or bland headline can affect your blog’s performance more than anything else.

Enter: An attractive headline that hooks the reader’s attention.

It compels readers to go through your blog and take the desired action.

But you may feel…

Writing a headline that GRABS attention is overwhelming.

Well, not now.

You can quickly come up with captivating headlines using the mentioned tips.

But before anything, let’s quickly understand how a suitable title can do wonders.


Importance of A Well-Written Headline

Do you know that 80% of the visitors read your headline and decide whether they want to read further or not?

This means you will lose 8 readers out of 10 if the headline sucks.

You can also turn a good title into an excellent one with just minor tweaking.

And boom!

Your click-through rates (CTR) will be higher than ever.

How can you go about it?

The good news…

Writing a great headline is one of the skills that can be learned.

You can target various factors to attract more users:

Emotions, psychology, fears, benefits, and so on.

But there is one thing that your headline SHOULD convey…


It should be clear what a reader will get by reading the article.

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  • Seductive writing tips to entice your readers

Got the drill?

Let’s understand more about writing head-turning headlines!

1. Use Numbers

This is the simplest of all tips.

Debra Jason, a great market strategist, says, “Numbers are brain candy!”

Numbers allow your brain to organize the information in a logical order.

Besides, your brain exceptionally believes in numbers, especially the odd ones.

Adding the number “7” is seen to increase the click-through rates by 20%.

We have agreed before that your headline should have a benefit.

Help the readers how they can achieve the benefit, and…

Add a number before it.

Simple, isn’t it?

use numbers

Headlines could look like this:

  • 7 Ways To Work Out At Home (without instruments)
  • 5 Tips for Getting Rid of Your Acne
  • 9 Ways to Boost Your Sales

2. Formulas

Why try something from scratch when you can build upon a solid foundation?

Formulas are tried and tested headlines that were successful a number of times.

headline formulas

Here are some attention-grabbing formulas to add to your arsenal:

  • Who Else Wants ________ (Eg. Who Else Wants A Higher Paying Job?)
  • The Secret of ________ (Eg. The Secret of Getting A Post Viral)
  • Here is A method That is Helping ________ (Eg. Here is A Method That Is Helping Kids Learn Faster)
  • Little Known Ways to ________ (Eg. Little Known Ways to Lose Weight Safely and Quickly)
  • Get Rid of ________ Once And For All (Eg. Get Rid of Your Acne Once And For All)
  • Now You Can ________ And ________ (Eg. Now You Can Meet Sexy Singles And Save A Couple Of Bucks)
  • ________ Like ________ (Eg. Write Like A Pro)
  • Have A ________  you Can Be Proud Of (Eg. Have A Smile You Can Be Proud Of)
  • What Everyone Ought To Know About ________ (Eg. What Everbody Ought To Know About Writing Great Headlines)

3. Power words

Power words stir your emotions and are known for inciting action.

Using emotional power words in your headline is seen to have a higher CTR, according to the study published by Backlinko.

emotional titles

Some power words can instill fear, while others can evoke joy. 

Thus use them according to the emotions you want your readers to feel while reading your headline.

Some useful power words are: 

Amazing, fearful, sensational, eye-opener, stunning, uplifting, and jaw-dropping.

Simple ways to use them:

  • How to Conquer Writer’s block in 7 Easy Steps
  • Here is the Best Way To Write From Your Heart and Connect With Readers

4. Urgency

Have you come across something useful but bookmarked it for later reference.

The same is likely to happen with you if the headline lacks urgency.

Using the words “Now” or “Hurry up” in your headline increases the chances of it being clicked.

(You see what I did there in my headline ?)

Some examples for your use are:

  • Avoid These Dietary Mistakes Before It is Too Late
  • Get Rid of Acne in Just 2 Weeks With This One Simple Trick

5. Rationales

This means giving a good reason to people for reading your content.

About 90% of the headlines fail if you do not give a solid reason for a reader to click them.

Some rationales that work:

Reasons, tips, tricks, lessons, ideas, principles, secrets, facts, and strategies.

Here are examples:

  • 5 Lessons I Learned About Anxiety the Hard Way
  • 7 Tips to Write Blogs Like A Pro
  • 9 Facts About Hypertension That You Didn’t Know
  • 11 Secrets To Make Your List Post Sing

6. Personalize It: Use the word “YOU”

Your content should be directed to A single reader. 

This makes them feel special and connected.

It is even more vital for headlines.

use you

You, yes you. Stop and have a look. A personalized headline conveys this to your reader without making it obvious.


  • 5 Copywriting Myths That You Should Never Believe
  • A Beginners Copywriting Course: Just For You!

7. Online Tools

Despite the tips, sometimes you may find it challenging to get started.

Online tools can work as inspiration machines.

online tools

Use the mentioned tips to improve them and not use headlines these tools provide as it is.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at some good options:

8. News

People love new things.

They are always interested in knowing unique stuff and how they can help them.


You can understand what may benefit the reader and find a unique way of doing it.

For instance:

  • This New Medicine Is Changing The COVID Game
  • A Unique Way of Getting Rid of Your Acne

This will make the reader curious. They will think about what is so special about the new medicine or the option for managing acne. 

And they would click the headline and read further to know about it.

9. Negative Words

A negative idea attracts your brain.

It’s simple. Negative ideas compel you to gather information and unwind the mystery.

Have a look at the headline:

“5 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”

It will pique your reader’s curiosity over the one that says “5 Things Mentally Strong People Do”.

You can also use a combination of the mentioned tips.

Some Proven Templates:

  • How To Get Rid Of Acne In As Little As 24 Hours Even If You Have Tried Everything Else And Failed.
  • 5 Fast Ways To Get Rid of Pimples And Avoid Embarrassment Even If You Have Lost All Hopes.
  • 7 Acne Mistakes Every Pregnant Mother Needs To Avoid!

Warning: Don’t overdo it. Don’t mix up so many things so that your headline looks confusing.

The headline should be enticing, yet straightforward.

So which tip are you planning to use first? Let me know!