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Does your brand’s growth
depend on engaging health content?

If yes, here is something that would excite you.

One in 20 searches on the internet is for health-related information! With over a billion searches on Google, there are about 200 million health-related searches every day.

Healthcare information is something people often search online, and it presents you with an opportunity to provide credible, relevant, and useful content whenever they need it.

But the catch is…

From something harmless to a dangerous unproven claim, misinformation in the medical content world can negatively influence readers.

Another issue with existing credible medical content is that it is umm…BORING!

So, it is critical that the health content be accurate and have input from a medical expert.

The solution is simple…

While there should be authority and seriousness, it should be put in a way that’s simple and enjoyable for readers.

Here is where I can help

With a master’s degree in medical science and 4 years of experience in content writing, I understand your brand’s needs. I can help to strategize and provide a copy that is 100% well-researched and accurate but is still reader friendly. Because by doing so, I inspire and excite your readers to take action.


HERE'S How I Can Help


A regularly updated blog is a crucial part of any health-related brand. I have been a principal writer for health organizations with a complete content strategy. I offer blogs written to your personas, style-guide, voice, and tone, so that you can entirely focus on expanding your brand.

Medical/Technical Writing

If you are a healthcare brand, it is crucial to invest in well-researched medical content for websites, journals, magazines, or news. I can help you with the mentioned content along with brochures, LBLs, slide decks, user guides, e-learning modules for patients and physicians, storyboards, and PILs.

Product Review

Your potential consumer would be now on your page, looking for a product that suits their needs. The last step is to convince them to take action with an effective product buy guide or product reviews. So, this means it is one of the crucial aspects when it comes to conversion. I can help you with a product review that helps your readers to take action.

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